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2020 Cabernet Sauvignon – Napa Valley

Born on October 10, 1837, John Barratt Rudulph remains one of Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s most beloved founders. Perhaps because he was one of DeVotie’s dearest friends, or maybe because he designed the fraternity’s iconic badge, or could the reason be found in the story of his rekindling love for SAE? By the turn of the century, Rudulph had lost touch with the fraternity, as the fraternity had with him. Upon locating the founder, Billy Levere brought Rudulph to the 50th Anniversary Convention held in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1906. Brother Rudulph was astonished at how SAE had blossomed from a tiny band of brothers to a national institution and, in a quiet moment at that Convention, as he thought back to the days of 1856, said: “We never dreamt of this.” He attended the Atlantic City Anniversary Convention in 1909 before he died on April 13, 1910. He is buried at the Pleasant Hill Baptist Church Cemetery in Pleasant Hill, Alabama.

We introduce you to Rudulph. Our flagship Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is a classic representation of the appellation’s preeminent varietal. Notes of black cherry, blackberry and plum are complemented by hits of toasted oak, dried currant and baking spice. Fine-grained tannins and ample brightness on the palate give way to a polished mouthfeel and exceptionally long finish.
$95 / Bottle


2021 Pinot Noir – Russian River Valley

When Founder John Barratt Rudulph designed the iconic badge in the early days of the fraternity, aside from our letters, it stood alone as the sole symbol of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Long before the flag, coat of arms, and other emblems adorned chapter halls, the badge was the distinct symbol of our brotherhood. Rhombic in shape with gold trim, a field of Nazarene blue, Minerva, the lion, Phi Alpha, and an olive wreath. Its subtlety is unmatched; its purpose is undeniable. And for what it means to those who wear it proudly over their hearts, yet with humility, it is impossible to conceive by those not privileged enough to call themselves loyal sons of Minerva.

We introduce you to Rhombic. From the Russian River Valley AVA of Sonoma County, this beautiful wine is influenced mostly by the fog of the AVA and is very aromatic, with a velvet mouthfeel, and has a fruit character that is ripe and intense.
$65 / Bottle
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