Enjoy Our Summer Savings & Shop Chardonnay at Unbeatable Prices!

Enjoy Our Summer Savings!

Get our Chardonnay at unbeatable prices—limited quantity available!

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Black Friday Offer!

On a limited time basis, we are opening up the ability to purchase two of the exclusive wines from our Fall Inaugural Shipment to all members of SAE! Don’t miss out!

Black Friday Offer Deadline!

The ability to purchase the Lucy Chardonnay and Levere Red Wine for non-club members will end on Friday, December 31st.





Black Friday Offer

Try TG Napa Valley Wines and Support Sigma Alpha Epsilon!

When you join the 1856 Club, proceeds go to support Sigma Alpha Epsilon and our undergraduate brothers!

With every shipment, members of the 1856 Club support friendship, scholarship leadership, and service initiatives: Phoenix Member Education, Emerging Leaders Academy, Executive’s Academy, Devotie Ritual Academy, and SAE Leadership School. Your involvement will help develop future leaders and build upon the continuing success of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

Join the 1856 Club today and support SAE while enjoying world-class wines from Napa Valley.

For a limited time only, we are offering two bottles from our Fall Inaugural Shipment to all SAE who would like to try TG Napa Valley wines.

The bottles will be offered individually. $50 for the Lucy Chardonnay (Club Member price $45) and $85 for the Levere Red Wine (Club Member price $75).

This offer is only good through Friday, December 31st.  Don’t miss out on this special Holiday Black Friday Offer!